Caring for your picture frame

One of the many reasons people have objects or artworks framed is for preservation. However, your frame can’t preserve your artwork if you don’t preserve your frame. So here are some tips for ensuring the stability and longevity of your frame.
  • Never lift a frame from the top only. Best lift and handle a frame with a hand on either side.
  • Never lift a frame from the string at the back. The string is for hanging, not carrying – When hanging, gently lower the string onto the screw or nail.
  • Never hang the frame from the top strut, hang it from the hanging mechanism provided.
  • Refrain from hanging your frame in direct sunlight, even if it has a UV (ultraviolet) grade glazing.
  • Refrain from hanging your frame on walls that have been recently painted, plastered, or otherwise exposed to moisture. Exterior walls have been known to have a higher moisture content than interior ones, especially in winter when condensation may occur.
  • Refrain from hanging your frame near anything that produces moisture or heat, like kettles, stoves, and showers.
  • Altering the hanging mechanism can be dangerous, not just for your artwork but also for you. We trust our hanging mechanisms, we ask you to ensure that you can trust your nail or screw, especially if your artwork is hanging above your bed, sofa, or expensive television.
  • Never drop, or knock the frame, it may crack the glass and bend the frame out of proportion, which in turn may damage the artwork.
  • Never put pressure on the glass, especially during transport.
  • If you have a box frame, please note that they are more prone to getting dust inside the frame over time – try and keep them away from dust. This goes for all frames though. If you plan to store them for a while, wrap them well to keep out dust and moisture.
  • Clean the glass with a little bit of soapy water and newspaper on the other hand Perspex need to be cleaned with soapy water and a very soft cloth to avoid scratches. Avoid excess water as it can penetrate the inside of the frame and damage your artwork.

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