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Fine art framing & display solutions

As far more than a decorative framer, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative and elegant framing solutions for the preservation of fine art. We apply knowledge of carpentry to the concept of framing, using local, and ethically sourced materials as far as we can, allowing unlimited fine art frame design and artwork presentation.

Framing changes the way an artwork is perceived

The conservation of artwork requires not only an intimate knowledge of picture framing and carpentry, but also a comprehensive understanding of the materiality of art, the life and response of the art medium, and the environment to which the artwork has been and will be exposed.

At Wessel Snyman Creative, we have the requisite knowledge, skills and experience at hand. Incorrect and careless treatment of artwork can cause irreparable damage, thus we focus on archiving while at the same time allowing the artwork to be displayed and viewed as intended.

Our Story

Ours is a story rooted in humble beginnings, Wessel made his first picture frame ages ago with some off cut wood and a hand saw. Lots happened since, Wessel studied bookbinding and artwork conservation, and BA and Honours degree in Fine Art at the University of Stellenbosch, and started the business in 2009 in Cape Town. Since then we have opened a second studio in Johannesburg.

We have framed for clients like IZIKO National Gallery of South Africa, Stevenson Gallery, Goodman Gallery, Tyburn Gallery in London, The University of Of Cape Town, the Constitutional Court’s Art Collection, the South African National Parliament, and many serious collections both locally and abroad.

We have framed for many serious collections both locally and abroad.

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